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The American Legion�s Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation program is designed to provide a comprehensive network of Service Officers at the Post, County, District, Department, and National levels to provide direct and timely assistance to all veterans, their dependents and survivors in claims for any Federal or state benefits to which they may be entitled. In no other program within the American Legion is there a greater need for teamwork and communication. Effective service for the veteran depends on the cooperative efforts of thousands of dedicated Legionnaires of various and diversified talents.

It is the responsibility of every Service Officer to assist all veterans, and any other worthy person, obtain aid and comfort in their endeavor to procure rightful entitlement to the benefits they have earned. This obligation includes the preparation of the proper forms and applications for entitlement and gathering the necessary evidence to provide a "well grounded case". Always remember, Legion membership is not a prerequisite or requirement for help from a Service Officer. We "Still Serve America" by helping anyone who needs our services.

"WELL GROUNDED CLAIM": A well grounded claim is a plausible claim, one which has merit on its own, or is capable of substantiation. A well grounded claim for service connection requires evidence of incurrence or aggravation of a disease or injury in service, and evidence of a nexus, or link, between the in-service injury or disease and the current disability.

The Department Service Officer in MD is located at the Department of Veterans Affairs Baltimore Regional Office in the Fallon Building. Phone number is 410-230-4420. Office hours are 0800-1600 Monday - Friday. The office has FAX at 410-230-4421, Voice mail, and E-mail capabilities.

Veterans in Prince George�s and Montgomery Counties to include all Laurel addresses are assigned to the National Regional Office in Washington, DC. Post Service Officers helping these veterans should contact the American Legion Representatives, Mr. Walter Bledsoe or Mr. Darrell Peryear at that office. Office hours are 0730-1530 Monday - Friday. The office has FAX and Voice mail at 202-961-3185.


Baltimore Medical Center
10 North Green Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center
3900 Loch Raven Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21218

Cambridge Outpatient Clinic
5510 West Shore Road
P.O. Box 800
Cambridge, MD 21613

Charlotte Hall Community Clinic
Charlotte Hall State Veterans Home
29431 Charlotte Hall Road
Charlotte, MD 20622
1-800-522-8387 ext. 2631

Cumberland Outpatient Clinic
710 Memorial Avenue
Cumberland, MD 21502

Hagerstown Outpatient Clinic
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue
Western Maryland Hospital Center
Hagerstown, MD 21742

Perry Point Medical Center
Perry Point, MD 21902
410-642-2411 ext. 5018

Fort Howard Medical Center
9600 North Point Road
Fort Howard, MD 21052
1-800-351-8387 ext. 2077 or 2504
410-477-1800 same ext.
(Mobile Clinic Teams)

Glen Burnie Community Care
1406 South Crain Highway
Pyramid Professional Building
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Martinsburg Medical Center
Route 9
Martinsburg, WV 25410

Washington DC Medical Center
50 South Irving Street
Washington DC. 20422
(Mobile Clinic Teams)

Transportation Services
Baltimore 410-605-7318
NW Perry Point 410-642-2411 ext. 5038

More information about veterans assistance resources can be found at The American Legion's National Website.

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