The American Legion, Department of Maryland

Department Commander:                Phillip R. Dorsey 

First Vice Commander:                    William L. Trotter

Second Vice Commander:              Ronald L. Holcombe

Third Vice Commander:                   Ruth A. Higgins

Sergeant At Arms:                            Steven Blank 

Judge Advocate:                              Frank A. Porter 

Treasurer:                                        Gary W. Gifford                            

Historian:                                         Richard L. Dougan

Chaplain:                                         Curtis L. Jones   

Adjutant:                                          Russell W. Myers Jr.

Administrative Assistant:                Steve Tatro              

Service Officer:                              Adrian Gamboa     

National Executive Committee

Clarence M. Bacon, Past National Commander

Richard J. Santos, Past National Commander

Patricia A. McCoy, National Executive Committeewoman

David Johnson, Alternate National Executive Committeeman

American Red Cross

Military Times


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